What AMC Security will help me?
AMC Security is an all-in-one protector and booster app for Android devices. You can scan and clean your device’s junks with one touch. Security features designed to secure Mobiles against, malicious URLs, phishing sites, etc. Booster features helps to kills tasks to release RAM and optimizes your device. It also provides more features in Menu like Battery Saver, App Manager, Privacy Locker to improve mobile performance.
Why should I need to sign in?
We promise to give your account at least 3 devices available to use in the same time since version5.0. We recommend you to sign up an account now so that you can get a comprehensive protection for all your Android devices. Furthermore, you can’t get your trial and pro until you log in as we need to avoid some unstable problem happened in your multiply devices with the same account.
Why does AMC Security need all of those permissions?
We need those permissions to implement the functionality of our tools.
Please click here to check the detailed information for the usage of AMC permissions.
Please trust us, we are taking your privacy very seriously. The permissions required by AMC are the minimum set that was needed to implement the functionality.
Can I continue to use Free features?
Yes, you can. The basic features are still free for a lifetime. In fact, in response to the requests of some advanced users, AMC Security offers more professional protection and more useful features since version 4.4.however, it's up to you if you're willing to subscribe and benefit from Pro features.
Will I be charged immediately if I tap Get Trial or Buy Pro button?
No, you won’t. At present, AMC can be purchased through Google Wallet where needs you to connect your bank card. Or, you can purchase a code from IObit website:
Besides, we offer 7-day Free Trial for everyone. You can have a try before you make your final decision.
What are the features of Pro version? Can I use the Pro account on multiple Android devices?
AMC Security Pro features are Anti-Phishing, Scheduled Scan, Payment Guard, and Ads-free.
Yes, you can log in on a different device so that you can get a comprehensive protection for all your Android devices. However, one account cannot be logged in on more than 3 devices at the same time. If it is logged in on a forth device, it will be logged out on the first device automatically.
What’s Booster? I used Booster to kill some tasks and boost the memory, but they are still there when I run it again.
Booster is in fact the previous Task Killer, and comes with two more useful features like Game Booster and Hibernation to enhance the whole boost performance since version 5.0.
Some tasks will be reloaded by Android System after being killed. It doesn’t mean that our program failed to kill the tasks. However, it is still recommended that you use Booster to kill tasks as it releases RAM and optimizes your device during the killing process.
How to update AMC Security?
Load AMC Security-> Tap Menu icon on the top left ->Tap Check for updates.
Or you can check it on Google Play to see if there is any update.
I’ve got an AMC Security Pro code, how can I use it?
Note: AMC Pro code can be purchased via IObit website since version 4.5:
Please follow the steps below to activate your code:
Load AMC Security-> Tap Use code in the sidebar -> enter your code and Tap OK.
Is there any chance that I can get discounted code or free ones?
Yes, there is. We’ll probably give away free or discounted licenses now and then. Please keep connected with us on Facebook and Twitter where we’ll update the latest promo information.
What is your refund policy?
When you purchase AMC Security, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Within 7 days, you can request your money back if AMC Security don't do all that we say it will.
I have upgraded to Pro but still got Free version?
Please make sure to update your account in Account Manager by tapping Refresh icon on the top right. If it still says you’re a Basic user, it may due to Google’s delay. In that case, please contact our support team (mobilesupport@iobit.com) with your order number and AMC account, we’ll look into it within 48 hours.
Where is Cloud Backup? And where can I restore the backed up information?
As many devices have cloud backup features, we have got rid of Cloud Backup feature in AMC. However, you still can restore your backed up data following the steps below:
1. Load AMC Security-> log in your account with which you backed up your data.
2. Slide to Menu -> tap Restore Backup.
3. Tap Restore to get your Contacts and Call Logs back to your device.
All the records are safely backed up on IObit Could Server. You can login to http://mobile.iobit.com/ with your account to check the backed up records.
What can I do if I forgot the password of Privacy Locker?
Please make sure to set a security question or bind email for Privacy Locker.
If you’ve set a security question, please follow the step below:
Load AMC Security-> Tap Privacy Locker -> Tap Forgot -> Answer the Security Question you have set -> Tap OK to reset the password.
If you’ve bound your Email or forget your security question’s answer, please follow the step below:
Load AMC Security-> Tap Privacy Locker -> Tap Forgot ->Tap Forgot Answer?->Tap OK ->Check your Email to get the random password to reset your new one.
Do I need to be cautious while using Privacy Locker?
To avoid your privacy data loss, please do not uninstall AMC or move it to SD card. Besides, please do not allow the 3rd party apps to clean AMC’s leftover data, otherwise your locked data will have the risk to be deleted.
Why Game Speeder does not recognize all the games installed on my device?
We are sorry that at present the algorithm of Game Speeder cannot detect all games. You can manually add the games by following the instructions below:
Load AMC Security -> Tap Booster ->Tap Game Speeder -> Tap Add icon -> Select the games you want to add and tap Add button.
I love your APP! Can I support you somehow?
Yes, that would be great! We would really appreciate you:
•Writing a positive review on Google Play (Android Market).
•Telling your family/friends about AMC Security.
•Posting reviews on Android related forums.
•Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter